Thigh Tattoos

These tattoos are uncommon. People generally get a thigh tattoo because it is easy to hide it. There are many places, especially organizations where tattoos are not allowed, so tattoo lovers opt for locations like the thigh where the tattoo can easily be hidden. This is one advantage of a thigh tattoo, however, there is one major disadvantage also. Though a tattoo is a permanent thing, it has a tendency to sag. So if you get a thigh tattoo done, there are high chances of your thigh tattoo sagging if you gain even a little weight. But on the other hand, thigh tattoos also have a long life as they are hardly ever exposed to the sun. So there are both advantages and disadvantages of these tattoos, thus one should think at least twice before getting one.

Sparrow Tattoo

How do you describe a sparrow? Do you remember the tiny and funny birds up to the shade trees in the park? Or, it means Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Yes, both could be one of a sparrow tattoo meaning.

This tattoo design is shaped a bird's flapping wings swiftly among the flowers. A sparrow is a symbol of freedom, fun, young and enthusiastic spirit to live. The tattoo produces a unique impression, attract and seduce each eye of the beholder.

Sparrow tattoo meaning is not always tangible on dark colors. Some women prefer to have a sparrow tattoo on her body with various combinations of bright colors like red, green, yellow, cyan and purple. It seems they really want to look cheerful and always happy.

Sparrow tattoo meaning generally drawn on the back or arm of a woman. Sometimes also appear in the hip and thigh. In general, the owner of these tattoo do not want to be bound by the rules that bind society. To obtain the freedom of expression is one of the representatives being a tattoo which is also the name of the pirate captain was known haunted.

The design is perfect tattoo look so you use to enhance and sustain the spirit in life is always in the mood for the best level. Sparrow tattoo meaning is the lifestyle and the best expression to your love life and life itself.

Scarification Tattoos

Scarification has been used for many reasons in many different cultures:
Scarification has been used as a rite of passage in adolescence, or to denote the emotional state of the wearer of the scars, such as times of sorrow or well-being. This is common among Australian Aboriginal and Sepik River tribes in New Guinea, amongst others.

The Māori of New Zealand used a form of ink rubbing scarification to produce facial tattoos known as "moko." Moko were considered to make the body complete as Māori bodies were considered to be naked without these marks. Moko were unique to each person and served as a sort of signature. Some Māori chiefs even used the pattern of their moko as their signatures on land treaties with Europeans.

Finger Tattoos

There are some couples who have chosen to abandon the traditional wedding rings and choose to have the name of each of them had a tattoo on the finger. Through the many options available, most couples choose to have tattoos created on the ring finger, as it is symbolic of the marriage that was entered by the couple.

You should consider tattoo finger? It is important to consider the love of tattoos on this important initiative. Do you have other tattoos that you've got in the past? What is the reason to choose your tattoo finger that will arise on the body? It can take these issues into account should help to ensure that I got a tattoo finger to the right reason.