Betty Pinup Cartoon Tattoos

Betty Boob is one of the most iconic animated figures ever created, 1930 was the year animator Grim Natwick first conjured up the magnificent beauty, and her legacy has stood the test of time as she is more popular today, then ever before.

As you can imagine, Betty Boop tattoos are extremely popular among fans, who often like to decorated Betty in various outfits, other than her trademark red dress.

Checkout these cool tattoo pictures of Betty Boop.

Indianapolis Colts Tattoos

Are you a wild a crazy fan of the >Indianapolis Colts football team?
Wild and crazy enough to show your support, with a tattoo?
Checkout this picture gallery of some great loyal fans and their tattoo designs, dedicated to the marvelous NFL football team, Indianapolis Colts.
I'm still searching for the fan with a Peyton Manning tattoo, could it be you?

Beatles Tattoos

What better way to show your support and respect for the greatest rock and roll band ever, than getting a tattoo of them.

Checkout this super cool photo gallery of Beatles tattoos.

Werewolf Tattoos

Checkout this scary photo gallery of some great high quality werewolf tattoos.

Some people say that getting a tattoo makes you tough, but i say, getting a werewolf tattoo makes you a bad ass!

Enjoy these excellent pictures of werewolves tattooed on various werewolf enthusiasts from around the globe.

Aztec Tattoos

Nice collection of top notch quality Aztec tattoo artwork designs.

At its pinnacle Aztec culture had rich and complex mythological and religious traditions, as well as reaching remarkable architectural and artistic accomplishments. A particularly gruesome element of Aztec culture to many was the practice of human sacrifice.

Colorful design.
Amazing warrior tattoo on back.

Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos are often thought of as a feminine location for a tattoo designs and while more girls choose this are, its not exclusively for the ladies. In fact many men choose to get ankle tattoos of very mainly designs such as barbwire, tribal bands and various other objects or creatures.

Ant Tattoos

You name the design and by golly you better believe that somebody has gotten it tattooed on their body, even those little six legged social insects known as ants.

And despite there small size, ant tattoos aren't always portrayed as small creatures, in fact we've seen plenty of giant designs requested by admirers of the tiny creepy crawlies. However small groups of ant tattoos are also very common.

Eating strawberry on top of foot idea.

Group of twelve circling the eye on face.

Single giant art piece closeup.

Solid black ink on right ankle.

Black and purple on back left shoulder.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Amy Winehouse is an extremely talented English singer songwriter, with a very troubled history of drug addiction.

Amy Winehouse has quite a few tattoos designs, among them are two topless women and several names.