Chest Tattoos For Men

Dragon head artwork.

Tribal for men.

Angel and flower for men.

Video game inspired.

Spider Man for guys.

Heart crown and wings design.

Sacred heart of Jesus Chris for men.

When it comes to chest tattoos for men, there is simply to boundaries to what you might see, ranging from fun loving cartoon inspired artwork to big manly tribal tattoos. Another popular chest tattoo for men is the scared heart of Jesus, which includes flames, thorns and a heart centerpiece.

Give this picture collection a whirl and maybe you can discover that sensationally perfect chest tattoo that you've been searching for.

Tweety Bird Tattoos

Cute tattoo idea with butterflies on lower back.

Black and grey ink with innocent angel halo.

Small artwork on back right shoulder.

Tiny design on arm with initials.

Cupid inspired tattoo idea with bow and arrows.

When i think of classic adorable cartoon characters, the first thing that comes to mind is that feisty little yellow canary, known as Tweety Bird.

Tweety is another one of those lovable animated Looney Tunes characters, which stole the hearts of millions, often paired with Sylvester the cat, the duo became comic and entertainment gold.

Feast your precious eyes on these adorable Tweety Bird tattoos below.

Bear Tattoos

Great gallery of excellent bear tattoo artwork designs, most of these are pictures of grizzly bears, some of which are quite scary looking but very cool styles.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

This is an outstandingly beautiful collection of religious rosary ankle bracelet tattoos which offer a nice hanging effect which really brings the tattoo design to life. These ankle tattoos are excellent for both men and women, plus they are commonly seen in simple black and grey ink.

Clown Tattoos

Clown tattoo designs have become an extremely popular style of tattoo in recent years, many of which portray the evil sinister brand of horror clown, appose to the traditional friendly fun lovely circus clown we all knew as kids. Enjoy these scary clown tattoo pictures.

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

Evan Rachel Wood is a lovely young up and coming celebrity actress and singer, probably best known for her role in the movies, Little Secrets and Thirteen.

Evan Rachel Wood has four tattoo designs to speak of, including the phrase "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" which is just below her neck in the center of her back.

She has a heart of vines with a lightning bolt in the center, located on her left thigh, along with a diamond on her lower left leg.

And finally she has the number "15" tattooed behind her left ear.