Chuck Liddell Head Tattoos

Ultimate fighter Chuck Liddell has a Kanji inspired head tattoo on his left back side, the Chinese characters translate to peace and prosperity.

New York Yankees Tattoos

Are you a lifelong New York Yankees fan and looking for a way to pay tribute to the best MLB baseball team in the world?
Feast your eyes on these super cool New York Yankees tattoos, etched on loyal fans.
Really great quality tattoos and nice pictures.

Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty is that super cute fictional cartoon kitty cat, that originated in Japan by the company "Sanrio", designed by Ikuko Shimizu.

Hello Kitty has taken the entire world by storm via, toys, calendars, clothing, lunchboxes, and of course tattoos.

That's right, Hello Kitty fanatics are rushing to local tattoo parlors around the globe to profess their love for the cute white kitty, with a tattoo design of sorts.

See this cute picture gallery of Hello Kitty tattoo designs.

Foot Tattoos Words

Positive inspiration tattoo idea.

Think happy thoughts reminder artwork.

Beautiful saying tattoo idea on foot.

Double word designs on each foot.

Here we have a picture gallery of some beautiful foot tattoo word saying, which have hints of inspirational wisdom and meaningful text, which is perfect for both men and women.

Native American Tattoos

Are you looking to get a cool and meaningful tattoo which represents your heritage as a Native American?

Checkout this great picture gallery of some nice Native American tattoo designs, for you to choose from. Print them out and take them to your local tattoo shop.

Britney Spears Hip Tattoos

Former pop princess knows a thing or two about tattoos, seeing how she currently has a half dozen or so tattoo designs.

Britney Spears has two hip tattoos, one being a cross and the other is a Chinese symbol. The translation is not clear. Checkout these Britney Spears hip tattoo pictures.

Tim Armstrong Head Tattoo

Tim Armstrong is the lead singer of the punk band Rancid, and the tattoo on his head contains a rose, skulls, eyes and other creatures all of which are centered around a large spiderweb.

Batman Tattoos

Batman is truly one of the coolest imaginary cultural icons of the century, loved by both children and adults alike.

Batman tattoos, not only express a love for the character, but a joyful connection to our youth, and the excitement of reading comic books and watching the masked man on television.

Enjoy this cool collection of Batman tattoo designs.