Adrian Young Tattoos

Adrian Young is the playful and wacky drummer of the rock/ska band, No Doubt.

Adrian has a couple of tattoo designs which we are aware of, including a tattoo of the "No Doubt" logo on his upper right thigh.

He also has a star tattooed on the inner portion of his left right.

Swallow Hip Tattoos

Rather large matching tattoo designs on each hip.

Small art idea on back left hip area.

Cute closeup ink picture.

Beautiful swooping artwork.

The swallow is a stunningly gorgeous bird which is often seen gracing the hips of women, in the form of matching or stand alone tattoos.

Along with the anchor, swallow bird tattoos are a classic design that was first popularized by sailors, and legend has it that if he or she drowned, the swallows would lift their soul to heaven.

These beautiful birds are also believed to represent freedom, wealth and prosperity.

Garfield Tattoos

If you go wild for that Lagrange loving orange cat known as Garfield, these tattoos my be right for you.

What a terrific iconic figure who represents a laid back attitude and mild mannered sense of humor, until he gets mad of course...

Checkout these great pictures of some lovable Garfield tattoos.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Celtic cross tattoo designs are perfect for those who wish to represent they're Celtic heritage and the six Celtic nations, including Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man. The cross can also be a strong message of you're religious faith.

Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpions are a delightfully fierce choice of tattoo design, not only in visual appearance, they are also associated with duality and often said to symbolize protection from evil spirits and human beings.

Here we have some great photos of scorpion tattoos from you to browse through.